Aged Sharp Cheddar with The Alchemist Heady Topper

Cheddar pairing with beer


This is wonderfully bold yet smooth aged cheddar made in Ireland by Kerrygold (2 year aged). There is some crystallization from the aging, buttery, complex and all out delicious. Heady-Topper is one of those beers that makes me want to move in next door to the brewery. It’s brassy and ballsy with loads of acidic fruit flavors and a semi-sweet malt finish. I know why they tell you to drink from the can… it’s not the prettiest beer to look at.

I picked this pairing based more on the beer than the cheese. It’s one of those beers that can really match the intensity of the cheese. The acidic fruit flavors from the hops matching the sharp buttery tartness of the cheese makes this a perfect pairing. This pairing isn’t for your rice loving friends.
Suggested Pairing: The Alchemist Heady Topper


  • Vermont Joe

    Thank you, sir. Well done. Yum!