Beer Flats Crackers Review

beer and cracker

The nice people over at Beer Flats and Daelia’s Food Company recently sent us some of their beer flavored crackers for us to try. We didn’t throw them out, actually we decided to write a little tasting review for you, the BeerChow faithful.

Porter Beer Crackers

They (Beer Flats) sent us two types of crackers. One called Porter and the other called Pilsner. I just happened to accidentally open the Porter cracker box first. The Porter cracker is rectangular in shape and slightly concave. The light brown surface is speckled with what appears to be sea salt and caraway seed, along with some light bubbling from the baking process. A slight scent of cinnamon, graham flour and crystal malt come to the nose. Biting into it gives off a nice crumbling effect when crunching in your teeth, while the rest of the cracker stays mostly together. There is a slightly drying mouthfeel and it’s just a pinch soft on the inside while being considerably more dense compared to other crackers. It tastes of hearty rye bread, salt and a slight hint of cocoa.

To attempt greatness I pulled a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter out of my fridge. The pairing didn’t overjoy me by any sense of the imagination. However I did find it to be more than acceptable. This particular porter has a lot of chocolate and caramel notes that somewhat overpowered the cracker. All in all it was something I would experience again.

cracker and beer pairing

Pilsner Beer Crackers

After a solid palate cleanser that included killing the Edmund Fitzgerald and 2 glasses of water I moved on to the Pilsner cracker.  Like the Porter cracker, this cracker has a rectangular shape that is slightly concave. The color is that of straw on the outside and is marked by perforated holes and small granules of coarse salt. This cracker has a very similar texture and mouthfeel to the Porter cracker, with the Porter cracker being slightly more dense. At first whiff this cracker reminisces that of a short bread cookie and white flour. Flavors of white bread, sugar cookies and a heavily salted finish brings it home.

Both crackers would be a great addition to most cheese or charcuterie plates, combined with your favorite beer and you’ll be happy you read this. For more information on Beer Flats check out Gezond.