Chocolate Mascarpone with Lindemans Framboise

chocolate mascarpone with lindemans framboise

Cheese and Beer pairing

This cheese pairing requires a little more effort than just cutting. In a double boiler or in your microwave, melt down 1/2 cup worth of quality semi-sweet chocolate. Stir into mascarpone cheese until it has a good ratio of chocolate to cheese where the chocolate isn’t too overwhelming but definitely present. Smear the infused cheese onto a high quality buttery and salty cracker. Top with a raspberry.

Lindemans Framboise is a classic Raspberry Belgian Fruit Lambic. The fruit is added after fermentation begins, this was commonly practiced before the discovery of hops. Pairing these two together gives you a lot a bang on your tongue. It’s a wonderful contrast of Raspberry and Chocolate but also hits all the right parts of the tongue with salty, savory, sweet and a great overall mouthfeel of creaminess with a nice crunch. This humble little cheese and beer pairing is easy to make and is fun to share. This would be perfect on a warm summer night.

Suggested Pairing: Lindemans Framboise