Sausage & Beer: Haymarket’s Sausagefest 2013

For the third year in a row, Haymarket Pub & Brewery celebrated three of the best creations around – beer, cheese, and of course sausage, at their Sausagefest 2013. It’s common knowledge that the West Loop brewery serves some of the best in the city. (No surprise with Brewer Pete Crowley winning more than 50 awards spanning from the World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Festival and Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer.) But some may not have realized their love of sausage. While Chicagoans are known for a love of encased meats, Haymarket takes it to the next level by have a rotating list of sausages on their menu that are made in-house. So it makes sense they wanted to show off their sausage-making ability, and I’m glad they did.

In the bar area, there were 10 stations each consisting of a unique, house-made sausage, an artisan cheese provided by Marion Street Cheese Market and thin slices of chewy bread provided by Z Baking Company. In the dining area, there were 26 beers from Haymarket and other local breweries. Each sausage enthusiast received a guide that pairing two to three beers with each of the stations. And so the party begins:


It kicked off with a simple and delicious Cheddar Stuffed Brat with pork shoulder and a pork casing. The cheese was Avalanche Bandaged Goat Cheddar, a raw goat milk, from Avalanche Cheese Company (Basalt, CO). The accompanying beers were Lake Effect Weiss Beer and Haymarket Templeton Rye Indignant.


Station 2 was a Dry cured Chorizo and the cheese was one of my favorites of the event, Dorset, a pasteurized cow’s milk, made by Consider Bardwell Farm, (West Pawlet, VT). Argus Wild Rice Beer and Atlas Burnham Brown Rye both complimented the slightly spicy and slightly sweet chorizo.


Next up was the Hickory Smoked Garlic Kielbasa, which was also pork shoulder and pork casing along with my other favorite cheese of the day, the L’Amuse Signature Gouda, which is pasteurized cow’s milk (Beemster, North Holland). The trio of beers for this round were Metropolitan Dynamo Copper Lager, Haymarket 18 mo Bourbon Barrel Dry Aged Barleywine, and Off Color/Haymarket Collab Half Bock.


Apple Wood Smoked Andouille and St. Malachi, another pasteurized cow’s milk cheese (Coatesville, PA) was for round four. Pig Minds Aftermath Vanilla Belgian Brown, Rock Bottom Chicago Grand Cru, and Pipeworks Smoked Porter were the accompanying beers.

Station 5 was a crowd favorite. Drunken Venison & Juniper, which was venison shoulder and pork casing and Dutchess, a pasteurized sheep’s milk (River Falls, WI) were served. A variety of flavors were chosen for beers including Piece Dark & Curvy Dunkleweiss, 5 Rabbit 5 Lizard Passion Fruit, and Haymarket/DryHop Brewers Collab Bier de Garde.

Next up, reminiscent of Thanksgiving, was a Turkey & Stuffing sausage with a smoked ham hock gravy, turkey thighs and pork casing. The cheese was Robiola Bosina, pasteurized cow’s and sheep milk, (Piedmont, Italy). Finch’s Brown Ale, Spiteful Ghost Bike American Pale and Haymarket White Chapel Wit were there to wash it down.

The Chicago Style Hot Dog, with beef, pork and sheep casing, was up next. Just like we paired local Chicago beers with the classic recipe, Haymarket paired it with Greenbush Barrel Aged LTD ‘Old Fashioned Ale’, Church Street Continental Lager, and Haymarket Crowley’s Irish-American Stout. The cheese this roung was Smoked Tulum, pasteurized cow and sheep milk (River Falls, WI).

Station 8 was a Chicken Cordon Bleu sausage with chicken breast and pork casing and Ziege Zacke Blue, a pasteurized goat and cow milk (Chilton, WI). Half Acre Space IPA, Tighthead Irie IPA, and Revolution Infiltrator Dopplebock rounded out the show.

My personal favorite sausage was the Wild Boar Belly & Ancho Chile, consisting of boar bellies and pork casing. The Flossmoor Station Smoked Porter with Chiles and Goose Island Brew Pub Tiny Dancer Wild Amber both brought out that smoky, spicy chile flavor. The Pecorino Ginepro, raw sheep’s milk (Emilia Romagna, Italy) also stood up to the spice.


To finish it out, Dry cured Pepperone, with beef brisket and pork casing and O’Banon, which was pasteurized goat milk (Greenville, IN) was served at station 10. Three Floyd’s Brian Boru Irish Red Ale and Solemn Oath Chubgutz ESB were both great pairings for the sausage.

Haymarket Pub & Brewery, 737 W. Randolph (corner of Halsted & Randolph)

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